“Wentzel will have you nodding your head in solidarity and grinning like a fool while you read! Heartwarming and funny!” (Robin O’Bryant, NYT bestselling author of Ketchup is a Vegetable and Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves

“(Planet Mom), you rock!”  (Robert Wilder, author of NickelDaddy Needs a Drink and Tales from the Teachers’ Lounge)

“I have GOT to stop reading your posts at work. I just had to LIE to my boss and tell her that I was choking on a pretzel stick when in reality, I was holding back tears of laughter imagining her (your daughter) eating a NAPKIN (for Crissakes!).”  (CatizHere)

“I love Planet Mom…it’s where we all live.”  (Lisa Novotny, Somewhereville PA)

“(Planet Mom), you are a wonderful writer and you remind other moms to stop and enjoy the small things that we usually forget because we’re trying too hard to get everything right.”  (Keshwar Ateeq, Orlando FL in response to Sweating the Small Stuff)

“I love this. Tear drawing laughter. You are an absolute hoot.”  (John Nelson, Spokane WA in response to The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Parents)

“Love your voice. If I had kids, I’d totally hang around your blog. Maybe I’ll be back in five years or so.”  (Kiya Krier, Runs with Blisters, Kansas City KS in response to The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Parents)

“So often, we think that we are the only ones with all these terrible problems and suddenly, there is someone writing it all down, presenting it, trying to see the funny (sort of, funny) side to the whole mess and poof, the problem doesn’t seem so great. The face is a smile and life goes on. Maybe this is one of the great gifts of the Internet. Thank you for your great witticism!!!”  (Marialla in response to The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Parents)

“Your words brought me back. Thanks for reconnecting me with my past.” (Joanne Laverty, Troy PA in response to A Kinder, Gentler Sort of Summer)

“This is brilliant. I wish I could give you a trophy, but I’m too busy screaming at my kids.”  (Kendra, Austin TX in response to The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Parents)

“A little dysfunction can make a person more interesting!”  (The Country Wife, South Dakota in response to The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Parents)

“Okay. I have officially just pissed myself laughing. Honey, you’re hilarious! It’ll be good to be able to keep tabs on anything else pee-worthy you put out there.” (Elizabeth Barron, former stand-up comic and current appreciator of All Things Hilarious, Maypearl TX)

“Jesus, woman, where have you been hiding?”  (Mr. Lady, Story Editor and Webmaster at Story Bleed, Houston TX)  

“(Planet Mom), I love your easy humor. I was a huge bookworm growing up and went through a huge Erma Bombeck phase. You channel her for me.” (Susan Weissman, PeanutsinEden.com, New York NY)

“(Planet Mom), May your windows be closed and the neighbors away the next time the kids give you reason to yell.”  (Kelli Wheeler, Sacramento, CA, author of Momservations)

“I want to share my deep appreciation for Melinda Wentzel’s article Handful of memories in the last issue of wknd. (Jun 21). Memories both old and new came to me at once while reading the different ways hands can steer our emotions. From the hands that created me to those that raised me, I concluded my reading of the article in a tearful and joyous state.” (N Sukanya kumar, in response to Handful of Memories)

“Melinda, A couple of weeks ago I discovered your writing on Planet Mom and told my husband, ‘I have found a treasure chest.’ Nearly every day since I have been reading, sometimes enjoying a laugh or sometimes crying. We need your column here in the Arizona Republic. We have not had such a heartwarming and humorous column since Erma Bombeck.” (Carol, Tempe, AZ)

“(Planet Mom), you have made a new fan and given me courage to laugh out loud without fear of landing in the insane asylum…..for this I thank you!!” (Angie M. Saunders, San Diego)

“Although I’ve been privileged to feature 50 other amazing moms as TwitterMoms of the Week/Month, this is my very first SocialMom of the Month post—and my very first of 2011! As such, I thought it fitting to choose a woman whose wit and humor has not only propelled me off my chair and onto the floor in fits of laughter, but who’s also given me a healthier perspective on how fleeting are the days of life with small children. We could all do well to start the year with some floor-rolling, mixed with appreciation for our special roles as mothers.” (Lea Curtes-Swenson, Featured Contributor, SocialMoms.com)

“(Planet Mom), I really enjoy reading your hilarious and truthful take on motherhood.”  (Chris Osborn, West Winfield, NY)

“(Planet Mom)…I love the passion with which you write…and share your personal journey.”  (Jodi Moore, Children’s Author, When a Dragon Moves In)

“(Planet Mom), Great, meaningful, yet discriminate use of the F word in your stuff. LOL. I love the way you write. It’s so real.” (Ruth Fidino, Kennewick, WA)

“When I’m having a challenging day at work I slip on over to Planet Mom for a break and to remember who/what is really important in my life…my family! Your site grounds me!” (Steph Kocher Skilton, New Tripoli, PA)

“(Planet Mom), I have read and enjoyed your column for years. You really should be in a national newspaper! Your column just really hits home for me. It’s what all moms are thinking and feeling and dealing with on a daily basis. When I read Hang ’em High, I laughed so hard, I cried!! It was SO me!! And I love how straightforward and honest you are about the ups and downs and everything in between, and you make even the most boring everyday stuff hilarious!! It helps us moms to know we’re not the only ones!…and knowing we have a voice in the world, through someone as talented as you, is very gratifying.” (Sharon Steinbacher, Cogan Station PA)

“You’re doing a great service to moms of all ages, helping us to ‘keep it real.’” (Joni Todhunter, Williamsport PA)

“(Planet Mom), I LOVE reading your posts!! I laughed so hard (at Mommie Dearest) I had tears in my eyes!”  (T. Heiba, Chatham, Ontario, Canada)

“Planet Mom is a REAL Mom…the kind we all hope to be.” (Ruth Fidino, Kennewick, WA)

“(Melinda), I would stand in line for your book, and I’m a newbie with Planet Mom. You’ve got something going, gal. You’re funny, literary and insightful. I’m looking forward to following your adventures this year. And I, for one, would want (your book) out there and read by millions, if for no other reason than to lighten the mood on the planet. I read 105 books last year (praise the almighty Kindle) and you are on my top 10 authors to follow. I even have your name on my famous sticky note by my computer…” (Dana Houston Jackson, YouthMuse.com, Dallas TX)

“(Planet Mom), you are a veritable cornucopia of amazing and insightful wordage. I loved reading what you wrote…LMAO!!! What fun it would be to sit and have coffee and chat with you! I think I would be laughing so much my face would ache for days. You are very talented and humorous. Thanks for making me smile today!” (Cindy, “The Fixinater,” Salem OR)

“Thank you for keeping ‘mothering’ real. Your thoughts and stories whether humorous or serious with a lesson, are making a difference.” (Sandy Spencer, Muncy PA)

“Melinda’s writing is blissfully error-free and well-punctuated—on top of being funny. A writer’s trifecta! And somehow, she’s even hilarious in under 140 characters… be on the lookout for her rueful, often naughty Twitter hash tags, alone worth the price of admission.” (Lea Curtes-Swenson, Freelance Copywriter/HVAC Marketing Consultant)

“(Planet Mom), I love reading your blogs! You are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us!!” (Marianne, Atlanta GA)

“I recognized Planet Mom in the library last week, which was odd because I had it on my mind that day to e-mail you to tell you how fortunate you are to have her on your staff. Her writing is fresh, brilliant and entertaining. I, along with gazillions of other moms, can totally relate to her articles……she should be nationally syndicated. I look forward to Webb Weekly just for her column……maybe she should get a huge Christmas bonus….” (Lori Wannop, Williamsport PA)

“(Planet Mom), your column always, always makes me laugh.” (Larue Dieter, Williamsport PA)

“I can SOOOO relate to your words. I laughed out loud. Thank you for
capturing the insanity we all live in…” (Brenda Holmes-Stanciu, Manitou Springs CO)

“Just want to tell you that I love reading your column in the Webb Weekly. I am a mother of three and have related in one way or another to every article.” (Terry Gaetano, Williamsport PA)

“I get a kick out of your columns and always look forward to reading them. Thanks again for the weekly reminders that we are not alone.” (Jennifer Miller, South Williamsport PA)

“(Planet Mom), OMG, I actually laughed so hard I cried at the part about ‘remember the time Daddy tried to drown me in the shower….’ etc., I am still mopping tears off my keyboard!!! You are hilarious. Do you realize that you are articulating what every parent actually thinks, but never actually does….?!! Thank you!” and also: “I read your website for about an hour yesterday, I just couldn’t stop – eventually I had to go to work!! Darn!” (Cat Krestel Porritt, Ontario Canada)