On Motherhood: Fireflies to First Dates: A Collection of Planet Mom Essays

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DELIVERANCE: A Survival Guide to Parenting Twins

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10 Field-Tested Tips to Navigate the First Year


Deliverance is a wildly amusing, in-the-trenches sort of guidebook to surviving Hell Week with twins—only Hell Week lasts for an entire year—the point at which most parents of multiples can finally come up for air. In a word, it is a candid and hilarious tale of survival—one that provides both advice and amusement for parents in desperate need of salvation (or sedatives). Quite literally, it is an essential field guide for those managing the madness of caring for two babies at once—a book that can be read in the thick of raising children, with its bite-sized chapters and undeniable readability.

As one mom put it, “Deliverance should be mandatory reading for all prospective parents of multiples.”