Five Ways to Get What You Really Want for Valentine’s Day

  1. Leave heart-shaped Post-it notes EVERYWHERE (upon which you’ve scrawled shamelessly overt hints regarding what gifts you deem to be perfect in every way). Stuff the little gems in your kids’ lunchboxes, beneath pillows, next to the orange juice and on the steering wheel. Remember, it’s not gauche to do so; indeed, it’s helpful to those who have absolutely no idea how to wow Mom on Valentine’s Day.
  2. Over dinner casually mention to one and all how those “cute little coupon books” the kids gave you for Mother’s Day make you weak with desire—especially when the bearer of said gifts actually makes good on his or her promise to clean the kitchen, fold the laundry or scrub the toilets. Try not to grovel as February 14th approaches.
  3. Bake yourself happy on V-Day. Be sure to employ voluminous quantities of chocolate in the process—to the point of sheer decadence, if you must. And you must.
  4. Turn to two of the most effective motivational devices on the planet: bribery and shame. Or simply order the damn flowers yourself and schedule your well-deserved massage.
  5. Take the bull by the horns and book that romantic getaway to the Caribbean (or wherever). Inform Romeo that you made an executive decision—not unlike the time he insisted his mother “stay another week” in your home.

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