Ten Ways to Say “Thank you, Dad”

www.melindawentzel.comFathers come in all shapes and sizes, temperaments and talents. On the whole, I’d daresay they are a thankless lot—often underappreciated, largely misunderstood—an entire populace of men rarely acknowledged for the many and varied ways in which they contribute as parents. Mothers, deservedly or not, garner the lion’s share of recognition when it comes to the important business of raising a family. But Father’s Day, with its prominently marketed golf wares, grilling must-haves and sea of manly fragrances, forces us to shift our collective sentiment and pay homage to dear, old Dad.

And as I wander the aisles in search of the perfect greeting card for my father—one that I believe captures the essence of our relationship, keys on our shared allegiance to witticism and adequately gives thanks for the sacrifices he’s made and the wisdom he’s imparted, I find myself settling for that which falls disappointingly short. Hallmark, it seems, hasn’t stumbled upon the right assemblage of words just yet. Somehow their writers have missed the mark, along with all the other clever wordsmiths who’ve failed to deliver the sort of message my father needs to receive—the one that perhaps all fathers need to receive. So thank you, Dad, for so many things…

…for encouraging me to forge my own path instead of assuming that the paths of others would necessarily be right for me…for letting me climb to the tops of trees and to skateboard with wild abandon…for ferrying me to the ER when necessary.

…for teaching me how to throw a fastball, wield a mean golf club and sink a jump shot on command…for being my biggest advocate (even still) and for believing in me even before I believed in myself.

…for being oh-so-generous with your time…for listening intently to my wishes and worries…for considering me a www.melindawentzel.comworthy companion as we jogged over the back roads of town, watched doubleheaders into the wee hours and sat in scratchy lawn chairs together, completely mesmerized by the thunderstorms that rolled across the skies in the midst of July’s unbearable heat, summer after endless summer.

…for letting me date boys with mustaches and muscle cars…for traipsing around the kitchen in your underwear late at night, when said boys needed reminding that it was time to go home (an infinitely mortifying experience then, but absolutely hilarious now)…for walking me down the aisle—twice—and never once saying I told you so.

…for introducing me to the concept of balancing a checkbook, as well as finding balance in my life…for teaching me to accept failure when it comes to call and to learn from my missteps…to appreciate having grandparents, a roof overhead and acres of woods all around.

…for tolerating my teenage years (Oy!), for trusting me with your beloved cars even though the voices inside your head must have screamed, “Noooo!” and for resisting the overwhelming desire to share with my High School Yearbook Committee that hideous photo of me with the mumps. For that alone, I love you dearly.

…for navigating so many road trips—to distant airports, to a good number of college campuses I considered calling home, to my very first job interview in the city. Never mind that we got horribly lost in the process; but getting awww.melindawentzel.com glimpse of the White House at rush hour surely was grand.

…for inspiring me to be a responsible individual, to work hard and to strive to do good in this world…for illustrating the power of forgiveness, the refuge of one’s church and the necessary nature of grieving our losses…for reminding me that things usually work out in the end—even when they look entirely hopeless at the start.

…for underscoring the importance of finding time for one’s children, time for one’s marriage and time for oneself…for helping me recognize the inherent value of ice cream sundaes, the versatility of duct tape and the irreplaceable nature of a good friend.

…for loving your grandchildren with as much ferocity as you loved me, for implanting within me the seeds of faith and for showing me the beauty of marrying one’s best friend.www.melindawentzel.com

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  1. Nica E

    This is too sweet 🙂

    I love my dad!!! 😀

  2. ive come late to the game but what a gorgeous post.

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  5. Melinda – fantastic blog. A really wonderful read!

  6. I have come to blog myself and your post is the first I have read. beautiful!!!!

  7. This was beautiful! I like the part about boyfriends, it suits me 😉

    Here I wrote about my grandfather: http://lifeofatokophobic.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/a-stroke-that-changed-my-grandfathers-life/

  8. This is such a beautiful post. I haven’t spoken to my dad in nearly two years, but this post of yours has reminded me of the great memories we shared and the ways (though few) that he was a wonderful dad to me.

    Thank you for this post.

  9. My dad is a criminal and was put away in a cell for 16 years.I always think of him at night of all those years feeling empty bereft of a shouulder to cry on while other kids tell me of their latest hunting trip with dad.

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  11. wegaeriazues

    really thats gorgious…ilyk it

  12. That is a lovely blog post you wrote 🙂

  13. I couldn’t have said it any better than you did.

  14. shekharonline

    wow…. liked it.

  15. I work in a firehouse and the range of young men and women that enter our halls is amazing. The successful ones all seem to have a very common denominator whether they grew up in broken homes or not, they all hold their fathers in very high esteem and most seem to have a very good relationship with their father. The same can be said of me. Good post, I enjoyed reading it and think your father is a blessed man.

  16. Thank you so much.. A very inspiring article 🙂 🙂

  17. I like this post very much…
    reminds me of my father..But he is gone already 3 years ago…

  18. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂 May I link it to my blog post?

  19. huhuhu now my father far away from my home until a month again 😥

  20. To all (once again): Wow! I am completely humbled by your kind words. My head is now the size of A VERY LARGE PLANET. Jupiter perhaps. Thank you so very much for reading my work, for expressing your sincere appreciation and for sharing bits and pieces of your lives as they relate to the splendor of fathers. Hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day! Needless to say, my dad was thrilled to learn of your well wishes. 😀

  21. lsh

    i wish that i could have read this post earlier,
    thanks, anyway.

  22. It was a beautiful post.

  23. Wowzer. You said it all and beautifully. Kisses to Dad!

  24. Really nice writing. Thank you.

  25. Wow beautifully put! So true how a dad’s involvement in one’s life does go unacknowledged sometimes. Your relationship with your dad sounds amazing. Happy father’s day to him! I loved the duct tape part 🙂 glad I stumbled across your blog!

  26. even if you are not in life with me but you will stay in my heart for ever thank you my dad.

  27. Awesome post ! Loved it! 🙂

  28. lekhatrendz

    double liked ur ur writing..
    what better way to thank dad than this…
    i have the world’s most wonderful and caring dad…
    have a pleasant day !!!

  29. I never knew my father, but it still is great to read such a beautiful story. Thank you!

  30. Wonderfully written! Lovely tribute to one of the most under-rated of relationships 🙂

  31. Beautiful post. Make every minute with your Dad count because you never know when he’ll be gone 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  32. You said it all. My dad has helped me in more ways than I can count. He’s still responsible for 99 percent of my math and sciene knowlege. And today, when he should be relaxing in the easy chair, he’s helping my Grandma with home improvements, just like Grandpa would have wanted him to!

  33. Raj

    Love that post. Very endearing. My dad lives thousands of miles away and I wish I could see him more often. If you have a minute do check out my post that honors my dad on this special day. Thanks 🙂


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  35. Happy Father’s Day to my Papa!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post….
    Many many thanks to my papa for the unconditional love!

  36. wow….. simply sweetly touching post, reminding my beautiful memories with my father.

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  38. Ezra

    Wonderful post. Really beautiful!

  39. Such a lovely post for father’s day 🙂

  40. There isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said, but this is so beautifully written that I couldn’t help but comment 🙂

  41. Dads do not get the credit they deserve, and some of them, deserve so much more because not every child is blessed with a good mother. I have the good fortune of having a wonderful father who was my blessing and I would have been lost without him. Your dad sounds wonderful. Congrats for making it to Freshly Pressed and Happy Father’s Day to your dad 🙂

  42. Fantastic piece about dads! I miss my father so very much and his passing was way back in August 2011. Your post brought up bitter/sweet emotions and I read through and beautiful memories of all that he did flashed before me. Thank you.


  43. Sue

    Wonderful post for fathers day. My dad has been gone for 31 years and I still miss him every day. We just lost my father-in-law in April so your post had the tears flowing.

  44. Selena Beany

    I can never find the right card for my Dad on Father’s Day, they don’t ever seem to say enough. I generally go for stupid ones with cartoon frogs on them (this year anyway). Very touching post.

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  46. What an amazing blog, this brought a tear to my. It really opened my eyes to the small things that my own father has done for me too! Awesome post!

  47. Aw wonderful pictures. and a great tribute to dad 🙂 Thanks for sharing …

  48. educationtakesavacation

    What a great guy! Thanks for sharing.

  49. I don’t know what I’m going to say… or how. My birthday was just a few days ago, and my dad had the most wonderful things to say to me for it.

  50. Aw I love that you have an awesome Dad. Often it takes us growing up and experiencing life to realize just how heavily our parents have impacted us. What an amazing gift!

  51. Thanks for your thoughts! I enjoyed reading the Love you have for your father. I love being one no matter how hard it is today. Keep up the good work!

  52. Very well said. I wish my Dad was still here.
    Congrats on being FP!

    • Thanks for stopping by…even though reading might have been bittersweet. I feel so fortunate to have been able to share this with my dad. I know he’ll be moved by everyone’s words–yours especially. 🙂

  53. Very nicely done.

    Thank you.

  54. Your Dad must be so proud of you! 🙂
    I have never said “I Love You” to my Dad and I so regret it! 😥 ..i’m so bad
    Made me appreciate my father more..Thanks!:p

  55. Beautiful, eloquent writing! What a beautiful description of your relationship with your dad! Thanks for reminding all of us who had wonderful dads that their contribution was immense, very importantly different from mom’s and irreplaceable! Great post!

  56. Jen

    Wow–congratulations for being the only blog I’ve ever visited on a whim that literally made me laugh out loud strictly from the header photo. 🙂 Love it, love it, love it. 🙂 Thanks for the much needed chuckle this morning and the great reminder of how important family is.

    • Ha! Let me guess…it was the Smurf-inspired BLUE FACE on the doll that did you in. Am I right? Good thing you didn’t cast your eyes upon all the headless Barbies we have around here, or our beloved one-legged Ken doll, or perhaps my wily brood with underwear (aka crash helmets) upon their heads. ;-D At any rate, thanks for letting me know you enjoyed your visit to Planet Mom.

  57. Such a lovely post 😀 I just posted my ‘top five Disney dads’ on my blog http://thefilmgeekfiles.wordpress.com/ Please check it out and support thanks 🙂

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  59. Hey Planet Mom, those were very sweet words indeed…and your father sounds like a real gem……a very happy Father’s Day to him from me!
    I think I have under appreciated my dad all my life…but I’m trying to make up for it by dedicating one of my blogs to him and his recollections. This is where it’s at, in case you were wondering 😉

  60. Stunning! Beautifully written memories; every paragraph a masterpiece. And the content! Truly worthy of being Freshly Pressed. Congrats and thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to reading more.

    • “…every paragraph a masterpiece“!!!! Holy Toledo! Soon I won’t be able to wear any of my hats. It’s accolades LIKE THAT that have made my head so impossibly large. Planetary, almost. ;-D Thank you ever so much for your kind words.

  61. The guy in the images is your dad? I think I have a crush on your dad. Kiss your dad for me.

  62. Nice story!……Happy Father’s day to all father in this world!!!!

    thumbs up!

  63. Yeah, my Dad encouraged me to follow my dreams when Mum was trying to make me fit the mould of being an Asian and forcing me to follow hers. For me though, Father’s Day will be in September.

  64. Thanks Mindy that was great and you are fortunate to have a great father like uncle Jim………as well as mom and Aunt Mary to have Gramps! Everyone should take the time to write their own personal thank you to dad at least once in their life. Again great job Mindy!

  65. yeah…..it touching me very…..thank’s..

  66. vitgar

    good post,:) thank you! there are many reason for me to say thank to my dad,,

  67. This is great, I am at the moment crying, overwhelmed by my emotions for my dad. Thanks for writing this. I would also love to live in a kind of planet mom. Best! -vany

  68. I don’t know how I’ve never found your blog before, but I thank Freshly Pressed for finally bringing it to my attention. Yea, new fun stuff to read!

  69. Fabulous post and it’s fun to read of other people’s dads when I have so many awesome feelings for mine too. Enjoy the week-end and congrats on being FP!!

  70. So good to read others words meant to honor our fathers! I burst with pride in sharing about my dad these days. In reaching adulthood, I found that as I grew, he grew. And now, I count him among the best of friends, if not THE best.

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  72. Beautiful, touching post. Of all the men who have come and gone in my life, dad at 94 remains my number one hero

  73. To all (once again): Wow! I am humbled by all your kind words and I must say that my head is now the size of a small planet. Thank you so very much for reading my work, for expressing your sincere appreciation and for sharing bits and pieces of your lives as they relate to the splendor of fathers. Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Father’s Day! And as you might have guessed, I plan to share your words with my dad. He’ll be thrilled to say the very least. 😀

  74. Ah, my Daddy really is my hero. Him and Jesus. :] xx

  75. This is adorable. I agree that dad’s deserve just as much thanks on Father’s day for all they do. Great post. 🙂 I just did a tribute on my blog too for my dad.

  76. viktorialoves

    I absolutely fell in love with this post! Fathers are one of the most special things in the world, and something that we need to be grateful for. Thank you for opening my eyes, and showing me how important it is to appreciate the people that are the closest to us.
    Now that I am moving away from home very soon, I cant help but getting emotional because of posts like this!

    Again, thank you:-)


  77. This is so moving! Dad’s are truly special.

  78. this was so SWEET!!! i have to post something for my Dad too…

  79. HandyMetalWorks.com loves your article. The pictures really made me reflect on my childhood and good family memories. Thanks!! Love it.

  80. You’re so right. We tend to express ourselves so fully with our mums. We gush our poetry and warm gifts on to them, knowing they will lap it all up proudly. And dad’s all too often become unsung heroes just solidly holding up the background. I recently gave my dad a poem I had written him…he was so moved. Then he shocked me by saying he would store it with all my childhood cards and notes to him: I had had NO idea that he had saved any of them at all and was a sentimental softy. I had always told myself he wasn’t interested in my art or writing.

  81. I, too, love this Father’s Day post! Our dad’s need to read how much we love them and all of the quirky, funny, loving words/actions they have shared with us throughout the years!

  82. Really touching. My dad taught me a ton around the house. I think him every time I avoid a big plumbing bill!

  83. What a great father’s day post! I don’t have these kind of memories or warm fuzzies for my own father, but when I look at my husband I think of him as the father to our children someday and I just know he will be like the father you wrtie about. I can’t wait to know that amazing dad!

  84. Bonsoir!
    Un petit coucou en passant!
    Amitiés de France:CLAIRE

  85. Very, very touching! Your Dad must be so proud & wonderful! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! You must be a great MOM!!

    • Thanks for your kind words. Not sure on the “great MOM” assumption you made, however. Good thing my husband’s a saint (i.e. shops, cooks and hands the kids their favorite buckets to hurl into when they have the flu…). Yes, they have favorite hurling buckets. Strange, but true. ;-D

  86. This was a great post. I love my dad deeply. :0)

  87. I stumbled upon your post and LOVED it! I have been studying in Russia for 9 month now and I miss my family so very much. In 18 days I will see my dad again and, inspired by your post, I must tell him how dear he is to me. Thank you.

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  89. Love the Post. Dads are more inspirational than they are given credit for – my dad was always cheering me on. I like your comment on duct tape – reminded me of growing up on the farm and my dad saying that you only need three things to fix stuff – duct tape, bailing wire and if those two do not work a sledge hammer. Luckily I never needed the sledge hammer. Congrats on being FP!

  90. love this! my dad deserves limitless thank yous so i do my best

  91. To all: Wow! I am humbled by all your kind words and I must say that my head is now the size of a small planet. Thank you so very much for reading my work, for expressing your sincere appreciation and for sharing bits and pieces of your lives as they relate to the splendor of fathers. Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Father’s Day! And as you might have guessed, I plan to share your words with my dad. He’ll be thrilled to say the very least. 😀

  92. Our dad’s are often not as as well celebrated us our mom’s but we know in our hearts that we love them so much and today is our chance to say it out loud. I was nice to read such a generous and heartfelt tribute to your dad. He does as well our dads deserve all the appreciation and thank you’s . congrats.

  93. Oh, this is just a beautiful post!! It made me wish my dad were right here so that I could give him a big hug! (It’s okay, though…I’ll see him this weekend.) 😉

    Thank you for reminding us of how amazing Dads really are!

  94. I totally agree with the ” never said I told you so.”

    Although my Mom always claimed it was indifference, I never agreed with her about this one. I think dads know when their daughters are hurting, so they choose not to add any more suffering…

  95. Love this. The pictures really capture the the words of your post. I love the part of him wandering through the kitchen in his underroos. Just another part of fulfilling your parental duties 🙂

  96. Thanks for all the ideas 🙂

  97. This is lovely! I enjoyed reading this, thank you. I love the picture of you on your dad’s back. Well done on being freshly pressed.

  98. Wonderful post!…I am also blessed with a wonderful dad and at 80 + years old he is still the coolest guy for me.

  99. Beautiful post! So heartfelt! 🙂

    I totally agree that Mother’s Day seems to have more thoughtful and meaninful things attached to it, while Father’s Day tends to revolve around machines, tools, golf and bbq’s! Seriously, dad’s appreciate thoughtful things too!

  100. This is such a moving tribute, and I think we can all find examples in your words of ways to appreciate our own dads.

    Thank you for the inspiration — personally, I also dated a man with a mustache (full-on beard, actually) in high school. Dad stood by me all the way.

    And now mustached-man is a minister!


    • Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m glad you felt inspired after having read Ten Ways. Also, I absolutely LOVED your mustache/beard blurbage. Go figure! 😀

  101. Lisa

    Thank you SOOOO much for the father’s day post. Our dads were each one of a kind, and so very responsible for the success that we’ve enjoyed. I have to guess that they would have said that Grandpa Ellsworth paved the way for them. We are so fortunate to be Edgertons. Have agreat day!